Since 2010. Rain or shine, always on time.

Crew Run

Tuesday evenings
6:45 PM

Ladies’ Run

Saturday mornings
8:45 AM

Every Week @ Capital Espresso

1349 Queen St. West
Parkdale, Toronto

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there bag drop?

How do I sign up?
Just show up and introduce yourself!

How much does it cost?

Can I join if I’m visiting from out of town?
Of course!

How far do you run?
Two distances every week (crew run):
Long: 7-10km
Short: 4-6km

Ladies’ run: 5-10km

How fast do you need to run?
We welcome runners of all abilities. We have people leading the “back” and “front” for each route.
The pace at the back of short is 6:00/km and the back of the long is 5:30/km. You’re welcome to run faster or slower, just be sure to know the route!

How do I know what the routes are?
We post them Tuesday mornings in our Instagram stories and go over them in-person before the run.

Ladies’ Run routes are posted on Fridays.

Do you run track?
Yes, we have a group that runs track on Fridays at 6pm at Central Tech Stadium.